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Istanbul University Law Faculty Centre of Comparative Law, Moroglu-Arseven Istanbul Law Firm, Nomos LLC, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Sport Management Graduate Program, and the International Association of Sports Law (IASL) are pleased to organise an academic and practitioners conference, to take place in Istanbul, Turkey, September 6-7, 2010, discussing the internationalisation of sport business, legal and policy issues, and opportunities for collaboration between academic units and sport business practitioners.

International Comparative Law, Policy, Sport Business Management, Strategy, Marketing, and related fields' submissions with an emphasis on academics-practitioners collaboration prospects are particularly encouraged.

Suggested topics include (not limited to):

  • International sport governance and policy, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, and legal challenges/conflicts
  • Self-regulation of sport v governmental intervention
  • Political science, economy, and international relations in the context of sport and international governing bodies
  • Change management and organisational decision-making in sport institutions and governing bodies
  • Human rights and sport, discrimination and classification, age, colour, disability, gender identification, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status issues
  • Athletes’ migration, transfers, restrictions, and governing bodies’ regulatory frameworks’ legal/policy challenges
  • Foreign policy, immigration law, citizenship, naturalisation, “home-grown” rules, and foreign players’ limits in sport leagues
  • Players’ agents, licensing systems, legal and ethical challenges
  • Players’ and coaches’ contracts, trends and contemporary problems
  • Sport labour and unionisation
  • Intellectual Property in the digital age, public domain extensions, entertainers’ and athletes’ rights of publicity
  • Gaming and Massively Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Games
  • Gambling, sport betting, liberalisation v state monopolies, and licensing systems’ legal/policy challenges
  • Tax and Real Estate law, sport facility financing, state subsidisation, and debt management
  • Bankruptcy Law, special liquidation mechanisms for insolvent sport clubs, and state intervention
  • Competition-Antitrust Law, exemptions, and specificity of sport
  • Interscholastic and intercollegiate sport and education policy issues
  • Torts, negligence and institutional liability, safety v privacy, defamation, assault and battery in sport
  • Criminal Law and sport culture, hooliganism, violence, and legal/policy interventions
  • Doping, performance-enhancing substances, genetic manipulation, new science, and drug-testing systems’ legal/policy challenges
  • Risk Management, insurance, and economics
  • Sport Communications, Broadcasting, New Media, and legal, policy, marketing, management, and financial challenges
  • Entrepreneurship in the sport industry
  • Strategic Management, human resource management, and competition in the sport industry
  • Sport Marketing innovation, ambush marketing, and sponsorship
  • Sport economics and forecasting
  • Sport analytics, statistics, and research methods’ applications in sport
  • Litigation and procedural strategies in sport.

Abstract submissions may fall under four distinct categories:

1)     Single presentation by one or more presenters; limit of 250 words, excluding references, submitted by lead author

2)     Two to four presentations under a unifying theme by several collaborating presenters; limit of 250 words per each individual presentation, excluding references, submitted by unified theme session Chair or one of the contributing authors

3)     Symposium/Workshop Discussion Panel proposal by two or more contributing presenters; limit of 800 words, excluding references, submitted by Panel Chair or one of the panelists

4)     Poster session by one or more authors; limit of 250 words, excluding references, submitted by lead author

Submission signifies commitment to attend, present, and register for the conference upon acceptance.

Please submit abstracts to the Chair of the Scientific Committee, Dr. Anastasios Kaburakis at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Include complete contact information and institutional affiliation. Lead authors/Chairs will be notified within two weeks of submission.

Full manuscripts may be submitted to a Special Issue of IASL's Journal, the International Sports Law Review, Pandektis, by the end of 2010. Details will follow in correspondence with accepted authors and conference presenters.

Upon acceptance notification, contributors will be required to advise the Conference Organising Committee within two weeks of intent to attend and present.

US licensed attorneys will be able to receive Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits by their respective State Bar Associations for presenting or attending conference sessions. The Conference Organising Committee is presently pursuing CLE credits sponsorship; more information will be available soon.

ISLBC coincides with several Istanbul events of interest, such as Istanbul as 2010 Cultural Capital of Europe, the Istanbul Biennial, the U2 Concert, and the FIBA World Basketball Championships for Men, with which ISLBC has no official partnership. Interested parties should contact each event's organiser for timely purchase of tickets and more information.

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